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Founded in 2007 by Mehul Atha, Director & Producer at Morse Code Films, we are a global production company with offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Chandigarh.

We make films & drama. Sometimes we win awards or cause controversies.

TOMORROW: Welcome to TOMORROW Advertising Agency, Tomorrow Is Unknown, Tomorrow Is Curious, Tomorrow Is Aspirational, Tomorrow Is Fresh, Tomorrow Is An Attitude, Tomorrow Is A New Day, Tomorrow Is What We Are All Looking Forward To.

We Look At Every Opportunity Or Challenge With The Same Enthusiasm And Freshness Like We Look At Tomorrow, At Tomorrow Our Eyes Are Always On The Evolution. And to support brand evolution, we deliver creative integrated brand ‘gestures’ at every step of this evolution. ATL advertising geeky advertising experiential advertising digital solutions branded environment design. Manan Mistry founder-creative director Creative Director & Founder at TOMORROW with past work experience of 14+ years with leading advertising agencies like Leo Burnett bates Asia, Publinet Dubai & Ogilvy. Manan has handled major brands like orange, Vodafone, MTV, Baskin Robbins, Volkswagon, HSBC, Cadbury’s and many more... he has also won international advertising awards like Cannes Lions, Clio, Asia-pacific Adfest & young guns.

Invicta Media: We meet or exceed client expectations in time, budget and target of the message. We talk to the target group in terms of clear benefits to them. And we do so with verbal and visual freshness. Our clients tell us, it works.

OPTIONS 1 EVENTS: An Event company established in 1996. Options1, a name synonymous with entertainment is a professionally structured, creatively inclined and cost-effective one-stop entertainment company which has successfully diversified into various spectrums of entertainment. Our interests include Event Management, Line Production, Advert & Film Production, Film Trading, Night Club Consultancy, Celebrity Management, Exclusive Weddings, Multimedia and Content Providing.

Ronkel: RONKEL MEDIA EDUCATION & RESEARCH INSTITUTE is the first of its kind media institute in India with a dedicated research center in the field of media arts. It was established on 14th February 2014 by ace writer and director Mr. Sanjeev Sharma with the Mission: ‘SKILLED BOLLYWOOD’ for providing talents of high intellect to the entertainment industry. Keeping in mind the current requirement of the Film, TV and Radio industry, our entire course curricula have been designed for effective training and quick intellectual growth in our students. Our approach is very individualistic and results-oriented in nature. Along with honing the skills and overall personality of our students, equal importance is given to industry exposure.

Our Research Center is first of its kind facility in any media institute in India. Research related to acting, music and other aspects of filmmaking has been a path-breaking move of our institute in the field of media arts.

With the motto of “YOUR FUTURE IS YOUR KNOWLEDGE”, as a Human Resource Development organization, we are completely dedicated towards our students to provide the best education and help them build their career in the entertainment industry.

We, at RONKEL MERI, have also taken initiatives such as “DE-STRESS INDIA”, “SKILLS AID” as a part of our social responsibility.

RONKEL SCRIPT COMPANY: WELCOME TO RONKEL SCRIPT COMPANY, Ronkel Centre for Script Development and Research is a first of its kind initiative in India where we analyze, create and develop exemplary intellectual properties in the field of entertainment across all formats for e.g. Film, Television, and OTT medium.

Ronkel Centre for Script Development and Research has been formed on the strong educational and research foundation of Ronkel Media Education & Research Institute ( After spending a considerate amount of time in educating future aspirants of cinema and involving ourselves in dedicated & meticulous research & development work, we came up with a systematic arrangement of our study in the form of “Coding & Decoding Scripts”. Exposure to international cinema, rising literacy rate, and the changing societal values has significantly changed the taste and expectation of our audience regarding the content. Moreover, with the digital revolution in the country and the rapid growth of OTT platforms, there is a huge demand as well as competition in creating quality content. To capitalize on the full potential of the market and to engage the audience to the medium permanently, we need to supply them with unique & fresh content of top quality.

How can an In - film advertising promote your brand or service?

In-film advertising also known as “covert advertising”, it is a medium through which branded products/brands and services are placed in movies. The product placement is creatively visible to consumers without any distraction. Optimum return on investments can be best achieved by leveraging on the entertainment value, keeping in tone with the emotional quotient of the film and its psychological impact on viewers.

Why opt for it?

This medium of Advertising is gaining momentum due to its clutter free feature and advantages of celebrity endorsement for the product or brand in a movie and moreover the focus of the valued customer towards the film. Cross promotion is the extra icing on the cake. Lately, more and more companies are switching to this medium. So what are you waiting for? Are you too keen to know what is in store for your brand product or service? Do u too want to explore the possibilities in-film Advertising can offer? If Yes, to know more: Connect Now!

Popular use of In-film advertising so far?

Movies have been used as the most popular platform for product placement. The latest upcoming movie “GoodNewwz” shows the character Mr. Akshay Kumar in a showroom selling Volkswagen Car. Mentioning of Nokia Phone and its feature in “Chennai Express” by Mr. Shahrukh Khan, Mr. Amitabh Bachaan working with ICICI Bank in “Bagbaan”, etc, the list is long enough. In-film advertising is prevalent in Hollywood as well, in the movie “Minority Report”, where Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton owns a phone with the Nokia logo clearly written in the top corner, or his watch engraved with bulgari logo.


The product or the brand get un-divided attention of the esteemed customer and hence, get the clutter free media. The product or the brand name included in a movie, increases memorability of the brand and instant recognition at the point of purchase. Types: Corporate placement to Generic placement to Service placement to Idea placement to Innovation placement

Mandrake is here to assist you and quantify your prospects to outreach genuinely surprising audiences through this medium. In-film Advertising features simple yet striking imagery, for your brand, product or service resulting in a compelling experience. We are just a call away! To discuss write to us at

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